Life-changing moments exist outside of the comfort zone

I once stayed in the confining but safe space of my comfort zone. I could have easily existed there, happy enough, but never truly living. Then my fiancĂ© – my person – died, and I started living my life as though there may not be a tomorrow.

You deserve your dreams!

Join a community of seekers who travel deeper, live greener, and

dream bigger

Hi, Friend!

Thank you for spending some of your time with me. I’m Jen, and this blog is my lens on life. My perspective changed when my fiancĂ© died of cancer. I quit my job and set off to see the world, walking across Spain, dancing under the full moon in Thailand, and solo traveling through SE Asia and Europe.

Along the way, I grieved. Hard. I also remembered my forgotten and delayed dreams. Today I wear hiking boots instead of heels and collect experiences instead of things.

My goal is to inspire you to travel deeper, live greener, and dream bigger. Because life is too short to wait.

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it takes time but, yes, we are stronger in the broken places
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Are We Really Stronger in the Broken Places?

After I emerged from an acute grieving season, I wondered: Are we really stronger in the broken places? To answer this question, I examined my own transformation through grief, and I considered the Kintsugi metaphor for grief and healing. Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with a strong, sealing bond that…

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Dream Bigger

It’s an honor to have you here

In this little corner of the Internet, we will explore new corners of the world as we face grief, embrace healing, and accept post-traumatic growth. Thank you for joining me on this healing journey through grief and the globe.

You deserve
your dreams.

Join a community of seekers who travel deeper, live greener, and dream bigger!