Learning from the Past

One of the best ways to enjoy deeper travel experiences is to learn the history of the place. That doesn’t necessarily mean checking out the history museum (though that’s cool, too!) There are so many ways to really connect with a place through its history.

This is how we learn from the past. This is how we travel deep.

WWII Europe Sites

Sometimes connecting travel and history means absorbing the dark history of your destination’s past. This isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. The following posts are part of my Never Forget series on WWII sites.

The only concentration camp for women. A village preserved to look just as it did after the townpeople were massacred. The D-Day beaches of Normandy. These guides will help you visit dark places while finding light in the stories of heroism and humanity that ultimately triumphed over evil.

Historical Walking Tours

Food tours, cultural experiences, guided walking tours, or self-guided wandering are all ways to learn a place.

Legends and Lore

Sometimes to really understand a place, we need to dig into its legends. What’s the story behind the fire dance in Bali? And why does the entire island go dark and completely silent for 24 hours every year? What’s the real truth behind the Outlander song and its haunting melody?

My tour guide in the Scottish Highlands. This tour was a case study in traveling deeper!
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An Outlander Tour in Scotland: Looking for Nessie and Finding So Much More

This Outlander tour in Scotland started innocently enough. I was anticipating 10 very quiet days in Inverness since I figured touring the Scottish Highlands wouldn’t take much time. I mean, the area’s biggest attraction is a mythical creature, right? Wrong.