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My travel style is to stay in a place for a while. There was a time in my life where I tried to run all over the world as fast as I could. I mean, I even tried to see Paris in two days. Say what? No longer. Now I get comfortable. I use Airbnb or TrustedHouseSitters to stay for a week or longer. It’s not about checking off a box for me; it’s about getting to know the people and the culture that make up the fabric of a destination.

The saying “travel like a local” is big these days, and I understand the draw. But I am not afraid to admit to being a tourist who enjoys a pint with the locals after a day of good, old-fashioned tourism and picture taking, with my tell-tale map revealed to the world.

I am a mid-range traveler in terms of budget. I am always on the lookout for cost-effective travel experiences, but I sometimes splurge. I don’t aim for luxury accommodations, but I’m far too old for bunk beds.

That being said, I do what makes the most sense for the destination. In Asia, it made more sense for me to book hotels through because rates were rather cheap and I earned a free night for every 10 nights I booked. On the other hand, while walking the Camino de Santiago, I stayed in pilgrim albergues (that means bunk beds!) and, when I splurged, I used because they had more options in the rural parts of Spain where I was walking.

I’m a sustainable traveler, so if a hotel or restaurant uses single-use plastic or (gasp!) styrofoam, you won’t see it recommended here. I also seek out attractions that treat their animals humanely. For instance, I wouldn’t ride elephants in Thailand, but I did stay overnight in a park dedicated to saving elephants from abuse in the logging or tourism industries.

I’m a pescatarian when I’m at home, but that all goes out the window when I travel as I plunge into the local culture, which is always intertwined with food.

Finally, I am a solo traveler. That means you’ll see stories about soul searching, spirit seeking, and the always laughable dating tales.

Enjoy the exploration!