Living Room Hike in Salt Lake City

On a road trip along the Utah and Arizona border, I learned just how much there is to see in this beautiful part of the United States. From the Living Room Hike in Salt Lake City to the secret way to see Zion National park, Utah is full of delightful surprises.

A wild experience in Utah

I mentioned that Utah is a delightful surprise. Many people think of Utah and think of Mormons. To be sure, the state is pretty much shut down on Sundays. BUT…I found so much spirituality to explore!

My most surprising experience in Utah was when I was invited to a Wiccan Ceremony (yes, like the witches…sort of). It was hosted by a group of former Mormons and recovering addicts, and it was absolutely fascinating.

wiccan ceremony

This wild Wiccan experience came as part of a road trip along the Utah and Arizona border where I was so lucky to explore the following destinations:

My friend Lizz and I are setting out on a road trip in a camper van across Arizona, Utah and California this fall. Please stay tuned for more!

How to Travel Deeper

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