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Epic and Easy Hike: Salt Lake City, Utah

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I had all of 12 hours in this beautiful Utah town, so I needed to find a quick and easy hike in Salt Lake City. I just didn’t expect this hike to be so epic!

If you have any time at all in Salt Lake City, don’t miss the Living Room Lookout Trail.

Let’s dive in!

Finding this epic and easy Salt Lake City hike

I was just back in America after walking the Camino de Santiago, so my hiking fitness was at peak level when I took to the Living Room Trail, but regardless of fitness level, this is a pretty easy Salt Lake City hike.

It is a quick climb and it gets a good sweat going, but the trail offers more of a stroll than a scramble.

View from the Living Room lookout Trail in Salt Lake City, Utah
View from the top of the Living Room Lookout Trail

The hardest part was finding the trailhead. Google Maps directed me to Huntsman Way, a small street leading to nowhere and tucked behind the University of Utah and the Natural History Museum of Utah.

Signs turned me around toward the free parking on Colorow Road and near the inconspicuous trailhead.

Living Room Lookout Trailhead
The trailhead

Once on the trail, it was an easy jaunt up into the foothills. I was there when winter was threatening to overtake fall and it was a brisk and beautiful walk to the top with a bit of snow and plenty of leaf-peeping. The trail was not too crowded, but with just enough people and dogs for a solo hiker to feel safe.

Living Room Lookout Trail with snow and fall colors

Views from the top of this epic and easy hike in Salt Lake City

Once at the top, I had plenty of time to lounge in the reclining chairs that make the Living Room Trail famous.

The top of the Living Room Lookout Trail with stones made into armchairs
That’s why they call it the Living Room Hike!

There was no wait or crush of Instagramers to mar the quiet experience of watching the sunset.

Sunset from the top of the Living Room Lookout Trail in Salt Lake City, Utah
Taking in the views at sunset

The walk down was the hardest part. It was very slick due to the early snow and a flashlight was needed as the sun ducked behind the hills for good.

A couple taking pictures on the Living Room Lookout Trail in Utah

All-in-all, the Living Room Trail is a hike that comes highly recommended!

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Quick Stats on the Living Room Hike in Salt Lake City:

Length of the Living Room Lookout Trail

2.5 miles (4 kilometers) total

Time Necessary to Hike the Living Room Lookout Trail

I was up and back in less than two hours.

Difficulty Level of the Living Room Hike in Salt Lake

Moderate to Easy

Fun Fact About the Living Room Hike

At the top, there are reclining chairs built from the rocks!

Where to Stay in Salt Lake City, Utah

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  1. I’ve heard so much about this trail and never hiked it. Even when I lived up at the University (way back in the day). Your pictures have inspired me to sit in those chairs sometime soon 🙂

    1. It’s a good one! Nice and easy but so rewarding.

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