Beautiful Thailand

I spent 45 days traveling Thailand solo, lounging on the beaches of the Thai Islands and trekking through the mountainous region of the Mae Hong Son Loop in Northern Thailand. I love this country.

Here are my tips, tales, and travel stories from Thailand, collected after a 45-day solo trip through the country.

Solo Travel in Thailand

I came to Thailand shortly after my fiancé died of cancer. I quit my job and set out with a backpack across this beautiful country. I’m forever grateful to Thailand for allowing me to grieve on her shores and heal in her in her temples. In 45 days of traveling to the islands and through the mountains of Thailand, I learned a lot about myself. Or, as I like to say, I unlearned myself.

Thailand Travel Tips

I write about my travel mistakes so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did! From the Do’s and Dont’s at the Full Moon Party (avoid those communal buckets of booze!) to avoiding the scams in Bangkok that got me, here are my tips for traveling Thailand.

Healing in Thailand

There were the elephants outside of Chiang Mai and the monks on a mountain top in Chiang Dao. There was also the sunrise on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. These are the healing destinations in Thailand that helped me to heal when I was experiencing acute grief.