The sun setting in Washington, DC.

If you are on this page, then you are definitely my kind of person. You know that traveling leads to the kind of life lessons that are worth writing about.

You will see two common theme amongst these stories.

  1. Life-changing moments happen outside of the comfort zone.
  2. Life is too damn short to wait to follow your dreams.

A lot of my life lessons were learned the hard way. My late partner died of cancer in June of 2018, and I quit my job to travel the world. There is a lot of soul searching, seeking, and grieving in these stories.

Here are some of my favorite stories from the road and from life:

traveling solo
The Final Day on the Camino de Santiago
elephanting ethically
when cancer changes everything

Thank you for visiting this page. It is my favorite collection of stories. If you are grieving, please visit this page. And if you are seeking more from this great life, visit here.

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