A Camino de Santiago Vlog

This Camino de Santiago video series is shot from a post-Camino perspective. My walking partner and I cover every aspect of walking the Camino from our nerves as we set out, to the blisters and pain along the way, to the shenanigans we got ourselves into, to the euphoric feeling of arriving in Santiago de Compostela 35 days and 500 miles later.

Start here: the First 100 Miles on the Camino de Santiago (The Body Phase)

A post-Camino perspective: This video covers the first 100 miles of walking the Camino

As you can see we have some butterflies as we set out. Both Lizz and I were novice hikers and we questioned whether we could actually accomplish walking 500 miles across Spain. But as we slog through the tough days and dance through the good days, we realize that we can do this. We can walk 500 miles across Spain.

While Lizz and I walked the Camino del Norte, or the northern route, this Camino video series is about walking the Camino regardless of your route. We cover the body phase, the mental phase, the soul phase, and the shenanigans along the way.

The Mind Phase: the Second Phase on the Camino

In the above video, we are leaving the physical stage – the body phase of the Camino de Santiago – and entering the mental phase. We are learning that we can ignore the pain and enjoy the walk.

This means we start to get into shenanigans! Our first scandal on the Camino is called masturbate-gate. I’m really proud of Lizz for talking openly about this taboo topic after a man in an albergue (the pilgrim hostels you will stay in along the way) was very inappropriate in a shared space.

As we launched a search to find the masturbating pilgrim (so that we could avoid him), we got wildly lost and crawled under barbed-wire, through stinging nettle and along railroad tracks.

Next Up: Who Stole Our Walking Sticks?

Would someone really steal walking sticks from the communal room in a pilgrim hostel? It turns out…yes! When we wake up to find our walking sticks gone, we set out on a mission to find them.


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The Adorable Animals Along the Camino de Santiago

Finally Arriving in Santiago de Compostela

Head back to my full and comprehensive Camino resource page for more on walking the Camino de Santiago.

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