clam chowder in cannon beach

The Oregon Coast is famous for its steaming bowls of fresh Clam Chowder and you can rest assured that you will not find bad chowder anywhere along this wind-whipped slip of a town. But who has the best chowder in Cannon Beach? Well, I set out on a mission to find out.

sidewalk eating

The food in Hanoi is – without question – some of the very best that I’ve had in all of Southeast Asia. Much of the culinary life in Hanoi takes place right on the sidewalk – from cooking soft-shell crabs to shelling sunflower seeds, to slurping noodles while perched on tiny, plastic chairs – …


When I told people in Thailand that my next stop was Kuala Lumpur, multiple sources gushed: “Oh the food there is the best.” So, naturally, the first thing that I did upon arrival in KL was to book a food tour touting the tastes of traditional Malay street food.

Our little group of food tourists had dutifully followed our guide, Fadly, to street-food stands and local haunts throughout the village of Kampung Baru, tasting satay soaked in peanut sauce, burgers wrapped in egg and doused in Worcestershire sauce, squid stuffed with sticky rice and palm sugar, and cow lung deep-fried and dipped in …