Join a Community of Seekers

Look, I get it. You get a lot of emails. My goal here is to provide timely tips, tales, and inspiration to help you SEEK MORE from this life.

When my partner died of cancer, I realized – the hard way – that life is too short to delay dreams. I quit my job and set out with a one-way ticket to see the world, learning along the way that we do not need a partner to travel the world with confidence and joy.

Are you ready to take yourself on a date? Plan your first solo vacation? I help people – and especially single people – travel deeper & live sweeter. Because we shouldn’t feel guilty about seeking more from this life.

We have but the one life to live and we should not feel bad about wanting more.

Join me and a community of people who unapologetically, unabashedly seek adventure and love – all while spreading kindness.

Wander with love

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