Three Easy Eco-Friendly House Features

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These easy, eco-friendly house features will make Mama Nature proud!

Once upon a time, making eco-friendly adjustments to a home’s design was a costly and time-consuming undertaking. Nowadays, with advancements in technology, it’s constantly becoming easier to improve the efficiency of our homes, to help save both energy and money. 

What’s more, the recent lockdowns, the rising cost of living, and the growing climate crisis have all come together to create the perfect storm to jolt homeowners into action and start improving their eco credentials. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an eco enthusiast to start making the necessary changes – there are some simple things that everyone can do. 

In this post, we’ll offer some sustainable home tips and advice to help you take the steps towards improving the carbon footprint of your property. Read on to find out our top three features of an eco-friendly house.

a garden is a key eco-friendly home feature

A healthy garden for an eco-friendly house feature

A healthy garden is an essential extension of any eco-friendly home. This space can offer so many environmental benefits, and there are endless opportunities for you to use your garden in a way that reduces your home’s eco-impact. Firstly, you might look at cultivating your own vegetable patch. Not only will this save you money on your weekly shop, but it also mitigates the harmful effects involved with farming. These include the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals, as well as the costs associated with transporting the goods.

create a garden for a more eco-friendly house

You should also carefully consider which plants you want to use in your garden since some will be more eco-friendly than others. For instance, drought-resistant plants like lavender and rosemary will need watering far less frequently than thirstier alternatives, helping you to streamline your home’s water use.

Water-saving features 

Particularly in the drier summer months, being vigilant with our water waste will help to drastically improve any home’s eco-rating. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve the use of costly pieces of tech, either. For example, you can use a sand timer to limit people’s use of the shower or even an app on your smartphone. 

set a timer to reduce water usage in your home

Whilst it’s often overlooked, finding ways you can reuse and recycle water around the home is one of the most prevalent sustainable home tips. Bath or shower water, for instance, can be repurposed for use in the garden to water shrubs or the lawn. Or, water used to cook pasta or boil vegetables can be reused either in other recipes or as a drink for your houseplants.

use bath water to water plants for an eco-friendly house

Take some time to think about all the different ways in which you use water on a daily basis, and you’ll soon find lots of opportunities to cut back on any wasteful habits. 

Smart technology for an eco-friendly house

Smart technology is becoming increasingly indispensable for 21st-century homeowners that are looking to minimize their environmental impact. These eco-friendly house features are very simple-to-use gadgets that take the guesswork out of your consumption habits by more accurately measuring how and where you’re using energy around the home. 

eco-friendly house features can include smart technology

There are so many options available on the market, from smart lighting systems to smart thermostats. You can choose to install just one or two to start with, or invest in a more comprehensive makeover and design a smart home. Whatever you decide, any small change you make will go a long way to making your home a more eco-friendly place to live.

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