How to Make Sustainable Muesli From Your Pantry

You probably already have the ingredients for this easy-to-make breakfast cereal from the stash of goods already in your pantry. The best news is that this cereal is as healthy as it is delicious – and sustainable too!

I always loved it when my mom made this breakfast because she managed to make a healthy cereal at home without buying a box with a plastic bag inside of it.

Today her recipe is even more lovable because it’s filled with the pantry items that we are all cooking with while we practice social distancing.

Watch as my mom combines ingredients in her pantry to make this delicious homemade muesli that is both sustainable and healthy:

As long as you have oatmeal, you can use any combination of delicious additions to make yourself a bowl of cereal. Here is a standard ingredient list at my house:

Homemade Muesli Ingredients
Reusable produce bags make this a sustainable breakfast win!

You can also add coconut, pecans, wheat germ…anything really. Mix together and that’s it! A bit of “quarantine cuisine”! Enjoy!

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