Live Greener: Your Guide to Sustainable Living

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I’m so glad you’ve found this page! This is a collection of sustainable living tips that don’t break the bank. Please check back as I update this page often. And thank you for your commitment to sustainability!


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Sustainability Living at Home & On the Road!

My sustainable journey began when I quit my job to travel the world solo after my fiancé died. At first, I didn’t think much about the single-use plastic water bottles I was snagging for my daily walkabout.

And then, on a beach in Thailand, I was literally smacked upside the head. OK, I was smacked on the leg (by garbage) but you get the idea.

Full Moon Rising
Just before the Full Moon Party in Thailand where I began my sustainable journey

That day changed me. I started traveling sustainably, which translated into living sustainably whether on the road or at home. For more on traveling sustainably, visit here.

Read on for sustainable living tips. I try to make it as easy as possible because sustainable living doesn’t need to be hard!

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Sustainable Toiletries to Help You Live Greener

One of the hardest things we face is the endless plastic in our lotion bottles, shampoo bottles, sunscreen, hand sanitizer…you get the idea.

I’ve got you covered! This list of eco-friendly travel products is one that you can use whether on the road or at home. Once you start using these solid shampoos and sunscreen in a tin, you won’t go back!

Eco-Friendly Products for Sustainable Travel
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And as for lotion? Here are 18 sustainable lotion solutions for you, right here. And, while you’re at it, why not make your own? It’s so easy!

Sustainable Eating

One of the biggest challenges to avoiding single-use products is eating out, right?

Well, check out this zero-waste picnic kit. It’s good for more than just picnics. I carry most of these items everywhere that I go and it helps me to avoid plastic utensils, single-use coffee cups, and even carry-out boxes:

zero-waste picnic kit for sustainable eating

Try this super easy sustainable cereal recipe, using the bulk foods aisle, produce bags, and many ingredients that are already in your pantry!

Sustainable Muesli for Sustainable Living

Sustainable Hosting

Even harder than sustainable eating? Sustainably hosting a party! Check out these 10 tips for how to host a sustainable party:

Hosting a sustainable party

Sustainable Brands

We barely have time to shop let alone vet brands for sustainability. Fear not! Here are 22 ethical brands owned by women. Supporting these brands will help the planet and help support businesses that are giving back to the Earth and to local communities.

sustainable brands owned by women

Seasonal Green Living: Sustainable Tips for Every Season

Looking to find ethically made outdoor gear? This post will help! Also includes sustainable fall finds for less than $100.

Sustainable Fall

Your sustainable summer list for the traveler includes sustainable hip bags (fanny packs), sustainable sneakers, sustainable swimsuits, and handwash, too, because we’re still dealing with the pandemic (sigh).

sustainable living in the summertime

We need it all in the spring right? Cozy sweatpants (made from coffee grounds!), stylish jumpsuits, bamboo sunglasses, and more! Find it all here in your sustainable spring trends:

sustainable living for spring

Sustainable Gift Giving

Here are your gift-giving guides to sustainable living for every season! (And…by gift-giving, I do mean gifting yourself some awesomeness while giving back to Mama Earth!

This annual holiday gift-giving guide for the sustainable shopper is being updated for 2022 as we speak. It includes cozy and warm items that are still good to the planet:

sustainable gifts for travel lovers

And check out these sustainable stocking stuffers that are all under $20!

Is your sweetheart a sustainable sweetheart? This list of sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day will help you to shop ethically and sustainably.

sustainable gift giving for Valentine's Day
A Ute Prayer for the Planet

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