Living Room lookout trail utah

I had all of 12 hours in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I snuck in a quick hike on the famed Living Room Lookout Trail – and I don’t regret it for a second. If you have any time at all in Salt Lake City, don’t miss this hike!

The Hyde House Boise

I had just 12 hours to spend in Boise, Idaho and they were, for the most part, nightlife hours, but I was pleasantly surprised by all that the capital city of Idaho had to offer. Here are five things that I wouldn’t miss in Boise (including one thing that I did miss that will …

Walker on Camino with arrow and shell

The Day When Sh*t Got Real: This was our best day on the Camino del Norte yet! That’s saying something considering how the day started. We were on zero sleep thanks to the raging party of the night before that, naturally, took place beneath our windows. We are pretty convinced that they played the …

Backpack on the Camino

The Day with a Camino Catch 22: We took a taxi from Santander to the beautiful town of Santillana del Mar on Day 13 of walking the Camino del Norte. There we lounged in a café and enjoyed the quaint town square. Well, after I cleaned out the local pharmacy of all it had …

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