Anza Hiking Trail

On a Stamp Mission…in an Old (Jesuit) Mission Since I’m on a mission to get as many stamps for my National Parks Passport as possible, I was pretty excited to learn that I would get two stamps for hiking the Anza Trail from Tumacácori to Tubac in Arizona: one stamp for Tumacácori National Historical …

Woman gazes out at snow canyon state park

Part of a Western States Road Trip: I met Angi and Cody on a tour of the awe-inspiring hills of the Scottish Highlands. Somewhere between searching for Nessie, walking across the memories of Culloden Field where the Highlanders were massacred to end the Jacobite Uprising of 1745, and snapping pictures in front of the …

A sheep peers at pilgrims on the Camino del Norte

On Day 24 of walking the Camino de Santiago, northern route, we were joined by a friend from the states. It’s always nerve-wracking to add a new pilgrim to your posse, but this pellegrina brought us laughter – and so much more.

Sign to santiago on the camino del norte

Day 25 on the Camino del Norte was an interesting one, mostly because the evening of Day 24 was a fun one (maybe too much fun)!

sidewalk eating

The food in Hanoi is – without question – some of the very best that I’ve had in all of Southeast Asia. Much of the culinary life in Hanoi takes place right on the sidewalk – from cooking soft-shell crabs to shelling sunflower seeds, to slurping noodles while perched on tiny, plastic chairs – …

Finding the perfect sandwich in Tuscany

Can you remember that time that you had the perfect sandwich? It could have been purposefully ordered with anticipation at a fancy rooftop restaurant in Paris or stumbled on at a truck stop during a road trip through the middle of Texas. The point is, that once tasted, the sandwich must be tasted again.