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Ramona Wineries & Cideries: A Ramona Valley Tasting Tour

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With more than 30 Ramona wineries to try, a visit to this beautiful California wine region – just a 45-minute drive outside of San Diego – will keep you more than busy for the weekend!

Twirling through the vineyards at a Ramona winery
Join me on this twirl through the Ramona Valley Wine Region!

The Ramona Valley is one of the youngest wine regions in California, but making quality wine is nothing new to these winemakers. All of the following Ramona wineries (and the Julian cidery) are family-owned establishments where you can taste the labor of love in your glass.

Here’s an interactive map of the area where we’ll be exploring:

Map courtesy of Wanderlog, a trip planner

Many thanks to Ramona residents Nancy and Paulette for showing me the Ramona Valley wine scene!

Enjoying a apple orchard in the Ramona Valley Wine Region
Ramona residents Nancy and Paulette were the perfect guides for this beautiful tasting tour of the Ramona Valley!

For a map with available homestays and hotels in Ramona and San Diego, visit here.

Let’s dive in!

Chuparosa Vineyards (my favorite of the Ramona wineries!)

A van near the vineyards of the Ramona Valley Wine Region
The van loved the Chuparosa Vineyards!

I want to visit ALL the Ramona wineries, but right now, Chuparosa Vineyards is my very favorite of the bunch. Both for the wine and for the company.

When we first walked into the tasting room at Chuparosa Vineyards, winemaker Andy Harris was busy pouring tasting glasses for a rowdy group, so we stayed out of the way, opting to sit around a large coffee table covered with magazines and surrounded by cozy chairs.


We chose the full tasting, which meant glass after glass of wine that just kept getting better than the last. As we tasted, Carolyn Harris came in from tending the vines and the couple joined us around the coffee table, sharing their philosophies on growing grapes and making good wine.

Andy and Carolyn Harris, owners of Chuparosa Vineyards

The first tip? Harvest with friends. For Carolyn and Andy, living their own-a-vineyard dream means inviting friends and family to join them on the property every year for the harvest season.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to count these two among your new friends after a visit to Chuparosa! (Harvest-season duties not included.)

Tripadvisor advert

I walked out of there with many bottles of wine and a (small) dent in my wallet! My favorite was the Bordeaux-inspired red.

Chuparosa Vineyards Address: 910 Gem Lane, Ramona, CA 92065

Barrel 1 Winery

Wine tasting at Barrel 1, one of the largest Ramona wineries
Paulette enjoying the large pours at Barrel 1 Winery

Are you sipping wine in a Tuscan vineyard or in a California vineyard? It is hard to tell when you are visiting the Barrel 1 tasting room on the Cassidy Family Estate!

The welcoming, open lawn with tasting tables and arching, shade-providing trees separates the tasting room from the Tuscan-style family home. The tasting lawn and patio feel like an extension of the house as members of the family pour your wine.

Lizz looking forward to some Black Widow Merlot

The signature Black Widow Merlot even comes with a family story along with the tasting. Apparently, a young apprentice (one of the kids) noticed a black widow creeping close to the wine during production and the winemaker shrugged it off. A bit of added protein never hurt anyone, right?

Whether the spider was in our glass or not, the Black Widow Merlot was the hands-down favorite for our group!

With over 3,000 vines, Barrel 1 is among the largest of the Ramona wineries. All of the wine is made from grapes grown on the estate, which is blessed by rich volcanic soil. No fertilizers are used.

Barrel 1 Winery address: 1007 Magnolia Avenue, Ramona, CA 92065

Hatfield Creek Vineyards and Winery

People laugh over the long table at Hatfield Creek Vineyards, one of the Ramona wineries
The long table at the Hatfield Creek tasting room invites good conversation

You will instinctively relax when you walk into the tasting room of the Hatfield Creek Vineyards and Winery where you can chat over your wine at a long, family-style dining table or put together a jigsaw puzzle at a cozy corner table.

A jigsaw puzzle at the Hatfield Creek Winery in the Ramona Valley
Wine and puzzles are the perfect combinations!

The friendly tasting-room baristas will tell you all about the eye-catching artifacts spread around the room, including remnants from an ancient native village and from a Navy jet that crashed in the vineyard in 1961.

They will also pour some of the most delightful glasses of wine found among Ramona wineries, including our favorite: the 2019 Estate Zinfandel.

We loved the Hatfield Creek Zin!

If you make it outside the tasting room to explore, there are beautiful outdoor places to sip or picnic in the vineyard, and there is even a darling vintage trailer for rent if you want to stay on the property.

A vintage trailer to rent on the Hatfield Creek Vineyards in the Ramona Valley Wine Region
You can rent this vintage trailer on the vineyard!

If you have your own RV or campervan, you can also stay on the property (for free!) This Ramona winery is also a Harvest Host! I learned about this amazing way to stay on participating vineyards, breweries, and farms when my friend Lizz and I traveled the U.S. in a campervan.

For 15 percent off your Harvest Host membership, use this link.

Hatfield Creek Address: 1625 Highway 78, Ramona CA 92065

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La Finquita Winery and Vineyard

Swinging over the vineyards at La Finquita, one of the best Ramona wineries
Lizz swinging over the vineyards at La Finquita

One of the more unique experiences of the Ramona wineries is at La Finquita Winery and Vineyard where you can reserve a table that doubles as a swing!

Swing right on out into the vineyard with its sweeping views of the Ramona Valley. Of all the wines we tried, the 2015 Passionate Kiss red stood out, and, don’t worry, the tasting glasses stay put on that swing. We tested!

Tasting glasses on the swing at La Finquita, a Romana winery
Tasting glasses perched on the swing

You can also wander down into the wine cave that’s built into the side of the hill beneath the tasting room! Tables (and swings!) are only by reservation at La Finquita.

La Finquita address: 23123 Vista Ramona Road, Ramona, CA 92065

Calico Cidery (a tasty way to mix it up when touring Ramona wineries!)

The barn at Calico Cidery in the Ramona Valley
The bar at Calico Cidery

Located on Calico Ranch in Julian just outside of Ramona, is the Calico Cidery. Here you can drink hard cider made from two ingredients – apples and yeast – while sitting in a barn in the midst of the apple orchard!

Whether you sit on the picnic tables outside or on the blanket-draped hay bales inside, you’re sure to enjoy the scenery and the simplicity of the cider. Calico Cidery offers growlers, pints, and tasting flights. We tried all four ciders on tap and loved the Jonagold.

Hay bales for seats in the barn at Calico Cidery in the Ramona Valley Wine Region
Hay bales in the barn at Calico Cidery

The Calico Cidery does not offer food, so here’s a tip if you’re hungry at this stage of your wine tasting tour, pick up a pizza for carryout at nearby Wynola Pizza and Bistro. You can eat the pizza at the cidery while you enjoy views of the orchard.

Calico Cidery Address: 4200 Highway 78, Julian, CA 92036

Take a tour of Ramona wineries

Pouring wine at a Romana winery

Whether you’re looking to build your own tour of Ramona wineries as we did or whether you want to turn over the keys to a tour guide, RamonaValleyVineyards.com has you covered in the Ramona Valley and nearby Highland Valley wine regions.

Where to stay to visit Ramona wineries

We talked about the really cool vintage trailer for rent from Airbnb on the Hartfield Creek Vineyards. And if you have a van or RV, you can stay on the Hartfield property as a Harvest Host guest.

But if trailers and RVs aren’t your thing, here are available hotels and rental homes near the Ramona wineries:

Where to eat near the Ramona wineries

In Ramona:

The southern belle salad with a mimosa flight hit the spot in the delightful backyard courtyard at Marinade on Main (though if you’re wine tasting that day maybe skip the mimosa flight!) And for dinner, don’t miss the traditional noodles at Pinto Thai.

In Julian:

I loved the vegetable pizza at Wynola Pizza and Bisto, which we carried out and ate on the picnic tables at Calico Cidery. And, though I wasn’t lucky enough to sit down at this farm-to-table spot, my friends love Jeremy’s on the Hill and highly recommend it to anyone visiting.

You can bet that I”ll be updating this post with more Ramona wineries when I return to the Ramona Valley! Stay tuned! Until then, please check out these hikes and urban walks in the San Diego area.

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  1. Hi, Jen! Just found you!! There are now over 40 wineries in Ramona! Hoping you can add us to your list! Thank you so much for putting out such great stories of your travels!

    1. Oh my goodness! The wine offerings in Ramona are growing so quickly! I just did a quick look and I’m always interested in a woman-owned business. Wishing Scaredy Cat Ranch and Cactus Star Vineyard all the luck. I’ll be sure to stop by on my next visit (when the tasting room is open again)!

  2. All of the stops sound great. I bet you had fun testing them all!

    1. Sure did! Now I need to taste even more to add to this post. Thanks for reading, Alex!

  3. Didn’t know there were so many options and wineries in Ramona. Time to start planning a trip

    1. It surprised the heck out of me too! I hope you do plan a trip!

  4. Such beautiful wineries and the Ramona Valley looks like a beautiful region. I love the vineyards, they almost always have beautiful vistas.

    1. Always. A glass of vino in the vines is always a great way to spend a day.

  5. Annelies De Gelas says:

    Ah, that vintage trailer for rent at Hatfield Creek looks amazing. Sip wine outside that vintage trailer…what more do you need? 🙂

    1. Right? It’s on my list for great places to stay, for sure!

  6. This place looks so gorgeous! Lovely blog to read ?

  7. Oooh what good timing! We just explored a bunch of wineries here in BC yesterday so now I am really keen to go on more wine/cider tours. It is just such a fun way to explore an area. 🙂 These wineries in Ramona Valley all look fantastic!

    1. It really is a great way to enjoy the countryside, especially right outside of major cities like Vancouver or San Diego!

  8. Paulette Gagnon says:

    So many we haven’t explored! I can’t promise we won’t try a few before you come back!! ?

    1. You definitely should! And then tell me where I need to go next! I’ll add to this post after our early November adventures. 🙂

  9. I love how different each winery is to the other and the stories behind them. It’s great that this region is so close to San Diego too. I can’t wait to go on a tour here!

    1. The next Napa! I hope you do tour the Ramona Valley. It’s so beautiful.

  10. Ok I had no idea about this area but I’m obsessed!! I love wineries and cideries!! And that vintage trailer is too cute!! Definitely adding this to my list of must visits!

  11. Lizzie Westfield says:

    Who knew Ramona had such beautiful wineries?! Can’t wait to keep exploring them with you!

    1. I only knew because you told me. Thank you for the touring, my friend.

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